Song Inspired; There Was Jesus!

Hearts may wonder, why am I in this place? Where the question becomes, to be, or not to be… forever held in love? This I know, in every stage, life plays out as written. Even though, death blindsided my heart. I won’t ever wonder, why does my heart keep beating? You may want to know, whom do I hold on to? When my silent river, becomes a turbulent See. Looking past what floods, and embracing what wants to drown; allows faith, to walk on water. My heart, has fell many times. But refuses to fall into the charm, in a tainted perspective? Love is the song, freedom the hymn, that woos my soul. In the stillness, whispers of love, saying sometimes; you have to go through, what you need to go through. For the heart, to be in the right place. Within the journey, you’re never on your own. For Hope assures, Faith guides, Love conquers. In the gathering, of broken pieces. It doesn’t mean, your soul can’t still be swept away, by love. When life, brings your heart to the predestined Cross-road. Love, never just a chance encounter. When, you’ve come to the place in your heart. Where your life is full, but your soul not satisfied. Just knowing meaning, without understanding the purpose. My heart, been on a few of life’s empty roads. In the searching, in finding meaning. Where you’ve been, eclipse by where your heart needs to be. In a place, where love recklessly collides, with heart and soul. That changes the trajectory, of every gaze. True worth, always was, profoundly is, will forever be. A heart, going places, a soul never walking alone. On the mountain, in the valley, down life’s winding roads. Love will always there, in the shadows. I don’t have to see, to know how to hold on, to what I believe. A child, learns to fall, so the heart can truly stand, with a firm foundation. When my first breath, and every breath thereafter was taken; There was Jesus!

This song inspired, is sung by Zach Williams, and Dolly Parton, Released in 2019.


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