The Two Way Street!

On the road to love always, U-turns; will never get the heart from Now, to Forever. At first, if may seem so clear. Why would your heart ever worry, about hopes and dreams? When you’re already, lost in love? The highway to heaven, may seem like the road to bliss. Only if you don’t miss, true love is about choices. The journey, that may take the heart, to a set of wrong turns, and the narrow road. One way, takes the heart in towards a direction, the two way street destination. The way to forever, in love. Two of a kind, living wild and free, without prudence. Might lead to the break down, from a over-heated moment. But, where the rubber meets the road. That’s where trust in love, becomes the heart to heart. Love being the exchange, on the road called life. Though rain falls, the vision of love unclear. Staying in love, doesn’t require a clear view, just the right perspective. An open heart, speaks a powerful message. Even if, a foolish heart, makes some wrong decisions. We can follow our heart, but the soul needs to learn. How to be led, by more than how you feel!

True clarity, comes when the heart knows how to listen, for love’s subtle whispers. A shift in the mind, what gets a heart racing, for of love’s ultimate prize. In love forever, elated with all the passion and desire. Hearts voiding the urge, to let it go zero to sixty; down a lonely highway. Love’s GPS, built into depth of soul, by divine providence. How could it not, love has always been the compass. Navigating my heart and soul, through all the potholes. On the journey home, the heart looks for a sign. The one saying, love walk a mile, to get to unconditional. Love, needs a meaningful alignment. So A to B, will surely get the heart to C. The way, to a reciprocating love. Sometimes, in love you have to pump the brakes, and ease on down the road. This heart of mine, learned long ago the way to turn, until I found my predestined love. My mind, was never in the “so called drivers seat.” Now and forever, driving force behind, what moved my beating heart, took my breath. A profound love, a destiny that can only found, on a Two Way Street!


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