These hands, will raise the banner, display the One, with unfailing love. These feet, will walk the miles, to know the heart, of the ones who feel the pain. Be at the place, where the broken-hearted live. This voice, will speak for those being silenced, to have no voice. These tears, will forever flow. For the ones, who can’t cry anymore. These lips, won’t keep silent. Love speaks with authority, when the voice of truth. These eyes, will see the injustice, the wounds. The ones being deafened, suffering in the silence. This mind, will think of endless ways. How this heart of mine, can shine a light on love’s greatest treasure. The unselfish, unchanging, unconditional love. I’ve had to learn, how to stay in this place. Be available, be love extended. I, would have never known this place. If love didn’t first take me, from living in a silent river. To become a voice, loving in the wildness. Love, helped to lay it all down. For nothing else, can take its place. True love, wants you to be the heart, for every soul in need. Show love’s undying portion, for every soul you meet. A hand, reaches out. A heart, opens wide. The ears, hears the cries. The eyes, sees the need. The voice, speaks the Word. The lips, sings praise. Love, is the good news. Every hand and feet, it’s love in motion; the heart and soul, in action. Give love your will, and love will give your heart purpose. Let love, be your hands, your ears, your voice, your eyes, in your mind, and every breath. Say love, I’m available to You. Be my heart, so I can become, love to the least of These!


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