O.C.D… ish!

My heart, constantly repositioned, being forever changed. My way of thinking, started with my heart, in the right place. Love, can move a heart so. Every expression, can seem a bit dramatic, a bit over the top. I don’t need, my love to be in a perfect place. The desire, a heart in a forever place, you can sincerely call faithful. Obsessive, to be a heart forever true. Compulsive, show a love truly compelling. Disorder, don’t dis the order. You have to first, be faithful with a few things; so many, will be able to see, the shape of your heart. A name, tagged with a sticky one sided label. Will never allow, for the freedom of love’s true expression. Love, doesn’t have boxes, with a label placed over your heart. Thinking, your have a heart figured out. Limits how a moving love, can profoundly change… you. Desiring, an obsessively clean heart. May overwhelmingly, change a tainted perspective. A heart, focused on not being deterred. Will resist the urge, to not become the best version, of a faithful soul. You should never, compromise your heart. Lower your standards, just to fit in, to someone else’s vision. My heart won’t be pursued, to be moved by futile preferences. A permanent shift, has already taken place. Forever held, not a state of mind, but the state of the heart. Not with the uncontrollable desire, to fix what must be. Allowing your heart, to be constantly shifted. The love within, will be repositioned, enlightened, illuminated, undistracted. A heart in action, doesn’t need to be profoundly moved, for the love to be seen as true!


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