We Are!

Family; people, or group of, deriving from a common race; the human. So, why are we so blind to see, that it’s not about eyes wide open, but a heart not closed… off, to the possibilities. True love, never needs a reason, to embrace… our differences. So, sheath tolerance, and instead wield expectance. We are, the same; “If pricked, do you not bleed? if tickled, do you not laugh?” So why not, let us live in peace, in harmony. So we can all live long, and prosper… together, in love. It doesn’t matter, if your love is the nearest. If family, why shouldn’t the love receive, be the dearest, we have to offer? Even though, we’re not always united, and though sometimes divided. We can still be, hearts connected, in our humanity. And why Not, love seen through the prism, makes us connected. The true color of love, makes the eyes color blind. So the heart, won’t be tainted. Real love, is endearing, heartwarming, life changing; when intentional, when unconditional. Red, yellow, black, white, and brown; we are, all precious… in love’s sight. How can I, not share with you my heart; when, we’re family. To be, or not to be, that is the question. A profound love story, will bring hearts together; one love. To help bear each others burdens, wipe each other’s tears. Make hopes and dreams, be love inner twined. Come closer, let love whisper into your heart and soul. For it will surely say, We Are, Family!


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