Love’s Sweet Surrender!

In the night, my soul stays awake, waiting to exhale. In my sleep, my heart still hears, your love breathe. My soul, watches throughout the twilight, to know the very moment, your love enters my dreams. With every glimpse into your heart, sweet love, leaving my love in awe. Experiencing the tenderness, while my heart held, by love’s sweet embrace. Every breath, becomes another sweet surrender. My heart concedes, awake and in my dreams, give love my being. The sweet aroma, the sweet fragrance of love, yielding the breathless essence. The kiss upon my heart, the breadth of love within my soul. In the sweetest dreams, words stay lost, love what I’ve found. Why, I won’t ever close my heart, won’t let my soul drift off to sleep. For the bliss, I will surely miss. Heart and soul, resting; in Love’s Sweet Surrender!


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