Love, beats passionately within my chest. Quickens my spirit, awakens my emotions. The heart of a warrior, thy love has made my soul to be. Valiantly, with thy breadth I will forever slay the darkness. With thy strength, reign in the rebellious heart. Thus, will unequivocal strike a lasting blow, to a strong willed mind. In the twilight, stand’s aloft the knight. Valiant love, steadfast with an impenetrable armor. Seen, within a graceful light. Love, gives my heart the strength, to vanquish every fear. Emboldens my quiver, so with my bow. My arrow, will thus pierce the dawn. Love, places the greatest sword in my sheath. With determination, my heart will wield it valiantly, like it was Excalibur. The Author of faith, such a love is truly King. True love, endearing like a thousand shields. In the thicket, in the thick of it, love will sacrifice. In the midst of love’s courage, anxiety doth quake. In the wake, lack won’t have the power, to plunder your soul. In every breath, remnants of a spirited love. Valiant love, hold my heart, in thy gaze. Let my stature be, clothed in confidence. Never to be dismayed, nether cower, in the middle of the fiercest battle. Thus, be unyielding, unwavering; in the pursuit to become, a victorious love. Fearless conquers, in heart of hearts. A brave soul inlaid, with a noble love. The lionhearted, a soul endowed, with grace to overcome. A heart, distinguishable wherever thou goest. Virtuous love, Valiantly will I pursue you; to be a heart like thine!


9 thoughts on “Valiantly!

    1. Haven’t thought about it, professionally. My daughter, took graphic design in college. And since, her passing last year. I thought about, introducing just images post, as a remembrance, to her dreams! God’s blessings to you!

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