Kenny; the Montage!

Crazy,” what they said; what doth young love, know about an endless vow? I do, I will; till death, this I vow. For, “She Believes in Me,” I will forever hold her love, in my heart. “Lady,” in my eyes, I see no one else, but you. To the heavens, I cast my gaze, and to you my love, I pledge my days. Though at times, “Islands In The Stream.” In my dreams, my island girl, and I sailing, to love’s deepening horizon. Thirty four years, proves the naysayers were right. Our hearts, still Crazy, in love. “Through the years;” we’ve known love, shed doubts, shared joy and heartache. Lady, I’m so glad we stayed, right here, in love. You’re, an angel in disguise. I see the reflection, in your eyes. Your heart, mirroring a love divine. Pretty woman, I love your soul, appreciate your heart, believe your love. Every day, it’s resting gracefully, on my heart. So many, looking for a hero, to save the day. My heart, just needs forever. It will save for my soul, the last dance. An endearing love song, telling a captivating story. Two hearts, caught up in the rapture… of love!

You Can’t Make Old Friends,” but you can make the love, be always. True love, “You Are So Beautiful;” into me see, how you’ve beautified my soul. Love of a lifetime, plays a heartfelt ballad. When, the day feels like quicksand, my heart will never struggle. Deeper, how the soul becomes free. Deep in love, the place where the heart needs to be. Sweet Lady, what will my heart do, when heaven needs my angel? Our journey in love, has come to an end? If, another love was to knock at my door, would I ever open my heart? Would another love, tell my soul the truth; can I, trust you with my heart? Who, could inspire my love story, the way you did? Where would I begin, to tell how the story, has reached an end. Since way back when, it’s been me and you. Will my heart sing, when our love is no more? Apart from you, who could fill in the harmony. Who on earth, could replace the rhythm, make my heart fall in unison? Without you in my life, no love song would have the same meaning. God, created the world, “And You, Decorated My Life,” in a portrait called love. “We’ve got Tonight,” and we will have forever. For, our heart have found a home, in love’s embrace!

Kenneth Ray Rogers, lived August 21, 1938 to March 20, 2020. An American singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, entrepreneur. He was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame, in 2013. He charted more than 120 hit singles, across various music genres. Topped the album charts, more than 200 individual weeks, in the United States alone. He sold over 100 million records worldwide, during his lifetime. Making him one of the best-selling music artists, of all time. This song inspired montage, a tribute to his legacy. I was looking to do this, back in March of 2020, but then Covid. Again last year, but then, my daughter’s passing in March of 2021. I guess, 2022, it was meant to be!

I hope, the montage resonated? Many, said my bride and I were too young to get married. But, when two hearts are predestined, and you have the faith to believe; forever, will be the destination!


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