Out of the Dark!

In a dark place, to find a way out? First, search your heart, and believe. You will surely see, there’s a light, shining within… in the midst of it all. Love is my eyes, when it becomes hard to see. It lifts me up, when patients are short. Renews my hope, my heart will reach, with love extended. When, the world tries to make, me lose my mind. In love’s embrace, I find my worth. Love is my heart, when I need to give, all I have. Why be afraid, to show my heart. When I know the place, where broken hearts go, to find healing. My resolve, knowing life is not easy, but dreams, worth pursuing. Tomorrow not promised, but love tells me, believe that it will be brighter. The rest, is unknown, but I’m not scared to breathe. If, I get to see the dawn, today I know, there’s breath in my lungs. Coming out of the dark, at times you can feel lost. But when, you let love take you by the heart. Love, will guide your soul, to a better place. When, the day wants to take you under, don’t grasps straws, to breathe. Let love, expand the breadth, within your soul. Real love drowns, in the depth, and enlightens, coming out of the dark. One step at a time, how you make it, through the darkest times. No matter, what your heart will have to face, love outshines. Nothing, can truly take your breath, but love. Every starry gaze, it’s love. A tasty treat, love the delight. A kind gesture, because of love. Seeing the light of hope, it’s love shining. Making it, to the light, what shows a heart, how love truly shines. When, you think you can’t get there? Love, what helps you make it, to the light. Even though, now and then, we become insecure. Let me reassure, if every day, you rise up? You will come out of the dark, with the light!


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