The Portrait!

Love, in living colors, paints a vivid picture, on canvas of the heart. It’s been said, it takes twenty one days, to form a habit. So, why was the portrait of love, revealed to my soul, instantly? Right from the jump, with every gaze, a beautiful masterpiece. But, to truly see love clearly, the perspective had to be untainted. Enlightenment, my heart leaning in. My soul, had to see it up close, how love becomes intimate, and personal. Love, an absolute treasure, not for a museum, but on display. Tell it to my heart, why would anyone, keep the most profound love, hidden? Love, paints the most stunning picture, by design. The Mona Lisa’s beauty, could never eclipse the breadth. Michael Angelo, may capture the essence, but it’s the heart, telling the story. Love, can paint a different picture, with every breath. The expression, painted in depth. The experience, a heartfelt stroke at a time. What is felt, expressed on the canvas, of the heart. Deep love, paints lyrically, with ups and downs. The question never to be asked; “what’s love, got to do with it?” Love, will never be touching, if a painted smile. A true picture of love, leaves the heart exposed, in a natural light. The imagination captured, the breath taken, with every portrayal. Frame by frame, the quintessence unveiled, the quiet beauty telling. Love, doesn’t have to be a flawless picture, to tell an amazing story. Love is a sacrifice, a heart painted, passionately. Search your heart, let your love illuminate, and hold up the light. Love is, a Portrait of grace!


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