Nature’s Glow!

In nature’s muse, hearts glow, the soul becomes enlightened. Within the quiet beauty, wings soar, on the breadth of freedom. Thoughts are swayed, senses swept away, by the crimson hue. On a blanket of hope, in the warm, gentle breeze of grace. Love of nature embraced, by the riverside. The soul touched, the breath taken. The imagination captured, gazing into the light of heaven. April reign, releases the essence, in what May bloom. The grass grows, flowers take root. What a hoot, how nature brings such joy. Ain’t no mountain high enough, to make a heart not see, how breathtaking the vista can be. The length, the height, the width; but who can, fathom the breadth. Not I, but I; cherish all the majestic splendor, in nature’s glow. In depth of soul, a silent river cascades, oceans deep. In every season, the sunsets, the darkness falls. But in the moonlight, the stars glisten… endlessly. Showing, that beyond the twilight, in the horizon, there’s a dawn. Hopes and dreams, take flight in the intrinsic presence, of nature’s radiance. In the stillness, words not needed. For the heart, to be full, with awe and wonder. Nature’s provision, yields an amazing bounty. Nature’s essence, rooted in graceful affection. Nature’s gracefulness, a wonder, for all hearts to behold. In Nature’s providence, the soul glows, inside out. The heart, in a better place, to display the color of love. Warmth, and tenderness!


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