Tears from My Heart!

Love keeps leaving, leaving tears on my pillow. Tears, falls from my heart. In my eyes, when the night fades, love breathes in twilight. In the breathless wonder, the moonlight lingers, the stars endlessly glisten. The dawn enlightens, the majestic beauty, life’s in bloom. A soul touched deeply, makes tears fall, from the heart. The raindrops on roses, dew resting on the morning. Love falling for, the heart racing to, another encounter. How the sun shines, in the crimson hue. A natural glow, what beautifies the deepest love. Things, done together, time spent, holding love close. What let’s the soul, breathe in love’s timeless fragrance. Through the years, tears have fallen from my heart. Cause, love keeps leaving, leaving my soul, endearing moments. Love never sleeps, love never stumbles, through the darkness. Cause, love is the light, a song in the night. I’ve done, done what a man can do. Said the words, my heart can find. The ones, not washed away, by the silent river. Sometimes, thought go astray, searching for the silver lining. Tears of joy, when I gave God my heart. When my bride and I, said I do, and our kids were born. Love can bring sadness, when last year we lost our daughter; the heart swelled, and the tears fell. Love, the word that leaves you at a loss. Love’s deep embrace, will make the tears fall. Love keeps leaving, leaving a profound impression, on my heart. Heartfelt expressions, in love’s divine presence; Tears from My Heart!


5 thoughts on “Tears from My Heart!

  1. Love is amazing and I agree it leaves a profound impression on the heart. It expresses itself in many ways as you have shown in this writing ❤️

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