The Fabric, in A Father’s Love!

True love, not about strength, but strength is required, to uphold the character. A father’s heart, meant to stand tall. The love, head and shoulders, above the mundane. To do something, is to be someone, who will act. The power of speech, meaningless without willingness, to be love in action. Falling short, doesn’t define, rising; to what may challenge, tenacity. When a heart, applies love to capability, ability concedes. The power of love, strengthens inability. You don’t, have to be a creator, to create memories, love in motion. Despite, love’s complexity; every heart, has the competency, be an expressive love. Father’s, profound love, may not come naturally. So therefore, let every heartbeat, Fight. True love, doesn’t need Might, for it to be Right. If, the heart doesn’t lose Sight, the future will surely be Bright, love reaching new Heights. Love’s starry Light, shimmering every day, and Night. Every heart, knows the endearing presence, of a mother’s love. May we, take a moment to recognize, the unsung quality; the crimson texture, the Fabric, in a Father’s Love!


Happy Fathers Day! May the texture of a heart, not be a man tailor made, but the love endearingly texturized!

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