Inexhaustible Love!

Inexhaustible love, a deep river running free. Chasing after your soul, seeking to steal your heart, take your breath. Inexhaustible love, immeasurable for there’s no length, love won’t go. To capture the heart, captivate your soul, with endless love. Inexhaustible love, unfathomable to the mind. What mind could truly fathom, depth in an inexhaustible love. Possibilities limitless, for the heart racing, to find love’s infinity. Forever swept into being; the gravity found in a weightless love. Inexhaustible love, unlimited the places, it takes the soul, to soar free like a bird. The love ascends, the breadth elevated, the soul swept to, love’s inexhaustible perspective. Love supplies, in abundance, the amount infinite, no strings attached. Inexhaustible love, chase my soul, let my heart race… tirelessly. When, unconditional love comes calling, what’s a heart to do? But let the love, take every breath, and being, to the beyond. A soul living boundless, a heart unrestrained, with an Inexhaustible Love!


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