In The Stillness!

In the stillness of, my heart hears whispers. Beauty resounds, there’s breath within quiet love. A natural light reflects, my soul gazes, into the majestic wonder, the stillness. Love resides, breath is taken, in the quietness. Unwanted feelings, swayed by benevolent love. The hue, the texture, grazes gently aCross my heart. In the stillness, my soul learned to breathe, my heart desired to be, in love. In the silence, be still and know; love speaks, love lingers, love breathes. In plain sight, in small still whispers, love hovers. Bated breath, my soul waits to exhale, my heart waiting to catch another glimpse, when love smiles. Oceans of love, resting beautifully on my heart, to interpret, the poetic nuance. In the stillness, there’s a peaceful hush, a soul left speechless, the heart racing… breathlessly. Under the quiet, my soul dances. Me, myself, but I, am never alone. When, love has your heart in the spotlight, love slow dances with your soul. Vulnerability has strength, in love’s embrace. A heart empowered, love amplified. To help guide, revitalize, testify. Love is, profound whispers, in the Stillness!


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