In the Silence!

In the silence, my heart searched for You. Deep in my river, my breath was You. All my heart, all my soul, all my love; belongs to You. I’m glad, that all these years, Your love has been true. My soul, will never know another lover, like You. A love more delightful, than the sweetest passion, my heart bears much. Getting to know your heart, the beauty transcends, ten thousand starry gaze. When, my soul needed to be loved; I prayed, and You came. Out of the shadow, into the silence. Your love became, my light. And all through the years, your love has stayed, so close to my heart. You are the one, my Everything. Every, love ballad my heart sings, my love dedicated… to You. When you smile, my heart glows. When your love shines, my soul feels the radiance, lingering in the afterglow. Your love, turned my life, towards a destiny. Picks me up, carries my breath, closer to your heart. Love for a lifetime, what I’ve found in You, and I thanked God. I thank God, I’m thankful to God. That even though the soul is silence, love is profoundly known. In the silence, my heart prayed, and the heavens sent, Love!


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