Take My Breath!

On the wings of love, in the crimson hue, the heart is swept away, by love’s nuance. Hand in hand, heart to heart, with every collaboration. The soul bares, the heart bleeds, dripping the expressions of love, in words. The heart expressing, the moment anticipating, the soul waiting to exhale. Love returning again and again, taking your heart, to love’s breathless place. Where dreams come alive, where fear’s antithesis won’t take, love’s tranquil place. The heart and soul, deep in another breathtaking daydream, seeing a glimpse of heaven. In every sunset, in every moonlight, in every starry gaze. Watching in slow motion, how the moment sends love, to take your breath. At night, the heart beats, the soul sleeps, love seeps, the stars creep. So, in the sunrise, the glow, the show, the know; love took your breath… again. Love deeply felt, like a silent river overflowing; the depth becoming, a deepening river. The tender whispers of love, moving freely, speaks deeply; taking your breath, profoundly. A heart, not steeped in love, fail to convey. What words are meant to say, and love designed to sway. What’s a soul to do, when love leaves its sway, on a beating heart? Let every heartbeat, be your breath taken away. Love deeply felt, leaves the soul, inspired, to reciprocate. How else, will your heart show, what to you, love truly means. Love, sees who you are, what your heart will become. When you can’t stand, let your heart fall… in love’s embrace. For, life but a breath, the hourglass fills, time slips away; death comes, to take your breath away. Why today, and every day be, unafraid, to live, and love. Letting love’s truth become, your heart’s saving grace. So, in the twilight, in the daylight, you can says; love, I see You. Here’s my heart, come; take My Breath!


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