Words Have I Hid!

In my heart, there’s a secret place, words hidden. My heart hides, my soul seeks, to help my love converse. Love to be treasured, more than words. Deeply felt words, a true expression. Love creates, so words can enlighten. Passionate words, last a moment, poetic love, becomes a lifestyle. Words, kept close to the heart, though unseen, revealed through an open mind. With every search of the heart, endearing words are found. The compassion, with truth, faithfulness, meekness, humility, graciousness. What’s in a name, if the words in your heart, have lost its meaning? We can have words, and even if words, agree to disagree? If words are hidden, and the love true. Respect will resonate, in points to view. Words, comprising of substance, will have a point of reference. Words in error, can be reframed, with kindness. No spelling, no guessing; candid words has a name, it’s Frank. Words, can be a light, in the darkness. Words can conform, when words in action, when with love in deed. Words have value, can add context, be a reflection of. Speech have style, but substantive words are profound. Words, have a love language, the spoken word, the written word, creates the ambiance. The smallest word, can teach. Words of love, hidden intelligently, used respectfully, given unconditionally. Words from the heart, commands affection, capitulation never the demand. Words, meant to provoke thought, not wielded thoughtlessly; words have power. Love’s finest day, yet unknown; a heart seeking truth, finds its worth. Not just in words, but with the love, hidden within!


16 thoughts on “Words Have I Hid!

  1. I agree with Michele Lee. That particular phrase stood out to me. Just one word can change a person’s heart or mind. Love the words in this poem. They’re words of wisdom. Love the pics you use. Wonderful photography!💯🙌🏼

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