A Heart, Enlightened!

The past, a reflections of what was. In the darkest moments, love compensates, so the heart can become enlightened. To when life, begins to overcompensate. Shadows bare a resemble, but will never be able to reflect, what your heart has become. Life, will let others read between the lines. But in every paragraph, we get to fill up the pages of our heart, with substantive encounters. Life enlightens, but love encourages, your heart to keep thriving. Happiness will be, what the pursuit becomes. Moments are captured, forever discovered, when enlightenment happens, to be the perspective. A heart shimmering, a soul becoming, a radiant light. A heart is elevated, when hopes are persuaded, to become your dreams illuminated. Wings spread wide, lets faith soar, to heights attainable. Life fills in, puts captions into the picture, but love is what adds in, the context; what the heart needs to be content. Love, brings every heartbeat up to speed. Greater knowledge, brings about a greater understanding. How love is the answer, to every question, the heart faces. Every circumstance, in the end tells a lifetime of stories. How the mindset, enlightened the outlook. In the heart’s journey, through life!


7 thoughts on “A Heart, Enlightened!

    1. Father, your grace is amazing. Though, our hearts are imperfect, your love is perfect. In You, and You alone, are we made whole! We are a child, sons and daughters, of the most high! We thank you, for all we are, in You! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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