My Inspiration!

My soul has a tell, my heart has a story, my love is an expression. Love was composed to be, an inspiration. On my mind, in my heart, within my soul. Everywhere I go, love comes with me. For, I need it near me, want it by me, I want it to move me, I need love to breath for me. It’s plain to see, love completes me. Love is redeeming, love is freeing, love is captivating, love is being; love has meaning, love has feelings. Love is the picture, in a perfect painting. When love creates, an exquisite work of art captured. When profoundly interpreted, it’s the most beautiful expression. Love is the fragrance, within my crimson hue. The guiding presence, the fortified refuge, to bring your heart. Love is a gentle nudge, not a aggressive push, to become… something else. Love is action, not just words. When breath, and hope collides. Love instructs, how to secure your own oxygen. Before you can show someone else, how to breathe, in every breadth. When unconditional, love resonates true. Letting a heart feel, free to let you in, to your most vulnerable place. Love is now, love is tomorrow, love is always. Love will be, to the end of time. Life inspires, nature truly inspiring, leaving the heart inspired. But, what my soul have come to know? That love will forever be, my prose; My Inspiration!


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