The Anchor Holds!

In the journey, through the darkness. Though, your heart is taking on water, and the rain begins to fall. Steading your resolve, will be the wind at your back. In the open sea, faith alone. Sees that in every season, there’s a new horizon, where hope resides. Sight, will never get you there, you have to believe. Ships, pass through the night, still know how to navigate, the waves of emotions. Your soul battered, sails torn. Doesn’t mean, it’s not a heart tethered, to a love that anchors. Though, the rudder wavers, while facing the raging Sees, let your belief be strengthened, your heart will get through it. Even, if your heart is desperately trying to repair, the holes withn your faith. Your soul can still, finds tranquility in knowing. Love doesn’t bow, to the pressure’s of life. Watered down love, dilutes the texture of a heart. Deep, thoughts of love, an endless river flowing, with a nuanced perspective. Moments, we hold them in our heart, embraced them within our soul. True love, doesn’t need to walk on water, for the breadth to be profound. Love searches the heart, to fathom the deep things therein. In spite of the storms we face, regardless of how overwhelming what we see, it’s turning around. The tears that flood, will surely recede, your heart won’t be swept away. Look within, know love will be the anchor, that holds… you, in the middle of the ocean!


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