Love, Oceans Deep!

Oceans deep, where your love, can find my heart. Two hearts, breathing one breath. Together in the journey, fathoming the deepest love. A deep river woman, her love moves within the breadth, of a silent river. What her heart can’t fathom, my love will take her there, to the deep places. Whatever my heart lacks, her love, helps me to become. Though, her heart may be scared at times, to the end of time. My love will be, by her side. Now, always, forever; this love will be. When, waves come to upend her peace. Her heart, can be still to know, you’re not alone. Love divine, brought my heart to this ocean, to be an anchor. Tether your anxieties, to my unwavering love. There’s no need, to hold your breath. Thinking my love, won’t always be there, to help you breathe. For, whenever my heart needed to be resuscitated, your love was there, again and again. True love, never about the beats per minute. But about how many times, the heart waits to exhale, again and again. Love is our portion, depth our destination. The profoundest love, the breathless journey; discovering the deep places, within a heart. Come deeper, together we will love deeply, letting the love deepen. Whatever places, you find your heart, wherever your thoughts go? Know, I’m there, in spirit. My darling love, you are not alone, I’m with you. In this love, heart to heart, together our souls will surely fathom; Love, Oceans Deep!


15 thoughts on “Love, Oceans Deep!

    1. Appreciate the comment! I’ve been asked that for years, it will happen. With my schedule, and a hectic home life, finding time is a challenge! Good willing, it will happen in the near future! Blessings to you!


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