How Sweet it is!

Love drops on roses, a heart laying breathless, within the sweet fragrance, love’s scented meadow. How sweet it is, to be moved by the sweetest lullaby. Love, resting deep within your peace. Love is, a song in the night, for your soul to sing. The angelic melody, sweetly holding you. How sweet it is, to taste, to see, to feel the goodness. Face to face, how love is seen. Heart to heart, how love is expressed, forevermore. The measure of a divine love, deepens the measure of the heart. Lengthens the breadth, in your soul. Heightens the perception, to know what it is, to encounter the sweetest love. The closing of the eyes, the opening up of the heart. To know the depth, in love’s crimson hue. Within the stories told, love captured in the pages of the heart, what words won’t convey. How profoundly sweet it is, to be loved… true. Though, the world can be cold sometimes, the warmth of love is deeply felt, by casting the desires of the soul, on love’s eternal flame. How sweet it is, knowing this heart of mine, wrapped up forever, in love’s embrace. Give to love, every harvest, heart and soul. The more passion sown, sweeter becomes the essence, within. In every season, the richness love creates, what changes everything. Love, the creation in me, to let the deep seeded words within, becomes a love set free, to be. How delightful it is, to know the most tasteful fruit, is love? The reign, my confessions of love, the truth within, my emboldened words. HOW SWEET IT IS, TO BE A HEART, NOT ASHAMED TO EXPRESS; HOW I LOVE. For, How Sweet it is, to be loved, by You!


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