Walking, in Freedom!

I’m walking, in freedom, my heart is marching, to my destiny. No chains can, restrain my soul. My heart is homeward-bound, to a place called liberty. What, can distract a heart, not focused on the journey, but what gets me there. Grace, what facilitates my liberty. All I do, sing my freedom song; I’m no longer, a slave to fear. The freedom I know, is the freedom I have, to let love be, seen in me. To see myself, the way Grace sees me, through an unconditional lens. When, I took my mind, out of the will. The walk to freedom, wasn’t by might, but the power, to become. Mountains become a molehill, valleys become a resting place. Along life’s journey, the seasons come, to see if your resolve, is sufficient for today? Freedom, doesn’t need tomorrow, to let the heart know. Freedom is a faith walk, to a tranquil place. When, the heart is ready, love will appear, to take you there. Love, gives the freedom, to be intentional. Freedom, turns limited, into limitless. Freedom, what lets you, let go of the weight. Not be distracted, from the shadows, lying in wait, to remind you of the past. Look back, but to only see, how far you have come. What your heart will be, what your outlook has become. Life, can sneak up on you, don’t let circumstance, upend your freedom. When, love liberates your heart, thoughts become wiser, breadth is deeper. Every day, let freedom ring, let independence bring; your heart to the spring. Love, calls your soul by name, let your heart, answered the call. To take the walk, to freedom!


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