My Point of View!

I don’t need, my heart to be in a comfortable place, for my love to be, transparent. Every day, there’s a look deep within. Not just to believe, but to know, love is a choice. Love has a light, that glows beyond, what eyes see. The splendor, the majestic beauty, what can compare? To a heart captured, by breadth, the soul captivated, by love’s breathtaking nature? In the stillness, within the quietness of being. Love, is like a gentle breeze, whispering into your soul. So, when you’re standing, at the edge of forever, love will be, the true point of reference. A heart in that place, will see forevermore. For time and space, will no longer exist, just the moment. Love, won’t let the soul fathom, what your heart is not willing to believe. The moon, the sun, the stars, can never eclipse, my pointed view. My heart, positioned to be, enlightened to see; my own vision of love. Not by a telescopic lens, but perceive with an elevated perspective. A heart in the presence of, your soul catching sight of. What it’s like to know, love’s radiant light. Dreams drifting off, to be daydreams. Love should never be, about the best vantage point, but having a bird’s-eye view. The heights your soul know, when love gives your heart wings, to span horizons. The promise will be this, never letting the moment miss, hearts basking in love’s heavenly bliss. No abstract, no obscured, no obstructed view will ever suffice. Letting the vision in my heart, not be realized, and true. Love’s perfect point of view, what lens my soul, with an undistracted devotion!


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