In the Garden!

In the garden, where it all starts, life. Here in the garden, I have it all, love given, breath taken. Here in my garden, love is planted, in my soul deeply rooted. Here in the garden, something good, something kind. Gives peace of mind, what hope brings about. Here in the garden, fresh herbs, soothe the restless soul. In love’s garden, fresh flowers, enhances love’s intrinsic nature. Love, touching depth of soul, your soil becomes enriched, and moist; moisture falling from the eyes. Here in the garden, love gives the best version of, heart and soul; blood, sweat, and tears. If the rose does prick, does the heart not bleed? If joy does tickle the bone, does the soul not laugh out loud? If a flower does blossom, does love not flourish. In the garden, true love is like a kiss from a rose; planted on the heart, love’s rose colored two-lips. In sunshine or in shade, love needs water and light, to thrive. Every day, love awakens my soul, my garden, needs my attention. Faithfulness, with all its tenderness, keeps love vibrant. Here in my garden, the harvest is plentiful. My heart, reaps the love it sows. From seeds planted, love is thriving; here in, my love garden!


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