Finding Yourself!

Even when, you find yourself lost, you can still be, present in mind, body, soul. A heart lost, finds itself, when love reminds you, who you are. A soul, exist to be enlightened, by love’s intrinsic nature. Love, what gives the heart a reason, to smile. In the searching, in the pressing, in the finding; the embrace. In the meaning, the becoming, the being; free to be. In the pushing, in the tugging, within the back and forth; what the heart perceives, what the mind concedes. Strength is found, to walk every day, in freedom. In the knowing, in the embracing; the living. We all lose ourselves, for a minute, but in those moments, be empowered. Let your soul take flight, on the wings of love. Even a lost, broken child can find purpose, in your own time, and space. When, you see yourself, the way love sees you. It’s not mind over matter, it’s what the heart believes, that matters. In the enlightenment, in loving of self transplanted, a flower blooms. It’s okay, to tell yourself; I’m in love with who I am, in the here and now. Love builds the future, restores the past. True love for yourself, a divine intervention. Life, takes a toll, but peace in heart and soul, makes love whole. Tears, don’t mean losing control, joy makes quiet streams, become love’s tranquil river. Faith leads, hope keeps, love leans; the heart dreams. Brokenness, hides in plain sight, strength lies in knowing; your worth. Excepting yourself, the path to living, your best life!

Love, can’t sell your soul, what your heart, is not willing to buy. Learning, to love yourself, is the greatest love of all. The perception is, you have to find yourself, to know who you are. The truth is, knowing who you are, is believing in the love, you find within. Believing, the confidence to attain, what may seem impossible. Finding, the heart seeking to behold, what’s possible. Sometimes, the heart has to circle back. Not to retrace missed steps, but see how far, your belief has progressed. Finding your self confidence, not a place, but a state of being, content. Pounding the pavement, won’t break glass ceilings. Every day, your heart has to rise up, and beat, push through the barriers. Perseverance, the key to unlocking the mind, opening up the heart, to the possibility. Love is more gifted, a heart more representable, the soul more accomplished; than what a tainted lens, will make known. In loss we find, how to reclaim, a miss placed self worth. Searching the heart, how you realize every heartbeat, has an imperfect rhythm. Slowly, but surely, how we all get there; your place in life, your quintessence. And, when your soul has arrived, believing in yourself. Where you find your worth, was never lost!


11 thoughts on “Finding Yourself!

  1. This is so beautiful, describes exactly the version of me that I recently discovered. Finding the love within is so important because only then can we be able to be happy and share it with others. Thanks Warren, for this awesome reminder😊

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