Fun Friday; El Cheapo?

Oh my darling, tell me; if I held back some of my love, would others call me stingy, with love? If I ripped off my shirt, threw it to the ground; would you believe I did that, after looking at the price tag? I know that real love, isn’t about the price tag; that just cheapens the experience. I was just demonstrating, that I’m absolutely willing; to give you the very shirt off my back. But if I took it back up, put it back on; because I thought it would be, a good… bye, bye. This love is not a song and dance, it’s not even about being NSYNC. A good bye, is a goodbye; if the love is half off, the agreed upon amount of love!

So let’s go for a walk, but not in the park; there’s this one angry bird. The bird saw me throw down the shirt, now every time I walk through; all I keep hearing is, cheap, cheap. Let’s hold hands, gaze into each other’s eyes; forgo the talking points. Talk is cheap; if not ultimately followed up, with substantive actions. That’s the time to put up, because my heart will never shut up. Over the years my love has seemed a bit frugal, but I never ever wanted you to believe; that I thought your heart was ever cheap. Let me raise my hand, I want to ask my heart a question; are you ready to put your money where your mouth is? To show that this love, has never been a cheap thrill.

People see me as being picky, the love within is a sticky situation. I’m stuck on you; crazy, will forever be the glue. So, say what you will, just don’t ever get it twisted; the love within my heart, has never been anything less than genuine. Loving me is not easy, but I will never give cheap love; the cost, my everything. Your love and God’s love, is what makes my heart rich, and truly profitable. The world offers a cheap substitute, and still wants to call it; “love!” I would do you, and everyone a true disservice; if the love was so cheap, that you could never feel it deep within your bones!

So my sweet darling, if I showed you a hundred dollar bill; then told you that I can’t give it to you. Would you call me a prankster, a cheapskate; or maybe just El Cheapo? That wouldn’t be my hearts reality, tell me; how can you truly measure, A Woman’s Worth? I could give ten thousand reasons; why your love is truly one in a million. When I have that kind of money, darling, it’s all yours; all I need, is just your love. The blessings are running me down, poised to overtake me. I will never give cheap love, to anyone in need. When love is a true richness, for every heart to behold. True love, is worth more; then all the riches in the world!

So, let me state for the record, by saying this; “El Cheapo,” is Spanish. So in the future darling, I would prefer to be called; Mr. F.R.U.G.A.L instead, short for; “Fun, Resourceful, Unique, Gracious, Assertive and Loving!” The worth, of a true Renaissance man!


35 thoughts on “Fun Friday; El Cheapo?

  1. I enjoyed the dynamics in this piece.
    Beautifully written, the flow, the rhythm, the rhyme seem to flow. Two different love languages spoken & sometimes not heard. True Love is priceless and so is time, we must use it wisely.

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, I mentioned a few months ago; that I was going to show some other sides to my writing. I have a few different tools in the box. I’ve already started a fun Friday, a song inspired Friday, 2 more Friday themes starting next month! Blessings!

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    1. Thank you Stuart, glad to hear you liked it! I thank you for the wonderful comment, humbled for sure! Everything I do, I do wholeheartedly; or why do it?

      I will share a little of my story with you.
      God and I have had a long relationship, even as a child. I’m a only child, spent most of my childhood; more or less with me, myself, and I. I wrote a story about that a few years ago, will probably share it as a post. I got saved at 15, did the whole church thing, trying to be, to do all; but realizing that God just wanted all, my heart. When I turned 40, I went through a time of soul searching; I SHUT DOWN. God, wife… from everything. I questioned my life from a child, you can call it; wrestling with God. He took me back, showed me my whole life, even things I forgot. I realized; through every heartache, loneliness, hardship. God was talking, loving; one footprint, but God’s love was carrying me! I didn’t realize it as as child, but God and my heart, were best friends. We’ve been loving each other deeply since a child, so now; iWrite… my love story, what I’ve been called to do!

      First time sharing this, felt led; Blessings to you my brother!

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  2. I love these lines! 😊
    ”When love is a true richness, for every heart to behold. True love, is worth more; then all the riches in the world!” Your love is so pure, Warren! ❤️

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