Fun Friday; Keep it Fresh!

As a man, a husband, a father; I take all my roles seriously. Even the role as a laugh provider, aka; “a funny man, a jokester.” One thing I never do, take serious things for joke. I always keep a straight face, while trying to get to the punchline. Then there’s, K.I.D.S; Kid Irritation Disorder Syndrome. I didn’t just have to provide for the material needs, I have to also pay for it too. Yeah, the struggle was real; no laughing matter. There’s always one hand in my pocket, sometimes it was even mine. You might think that this is, just for laughs; but there’s a serious side. For the funny-bone to be tickled, somebody has to fall… for the joke!

Don’t think it’s easy, watching them hit their elbow; while trying not to laugh. Just watching the reaction on their face, the struggle; trying to act serious, concerned. It’s called the funny-bone, so how can you not laugh; when it’s your own elbow? Don’t laugh, that’s not funny; you might hurt my sensitive side. Just kidding, my kids are all Millennials; now both hands are in my pocket, you can’t possibly hurt my feelings. K.I.D.S, they’re no joke. Why didn’t somebody tell us, that kids are so expensive? I’m still trying to find the humor, in always being broke; seriously, I love my kids. I’ve always been the type of guy, dad; who knew how to tap into humorous expressions. But don’t get me, this, it twisted. My jokes, are not fickle; they have never gotten me into a pickle. Why you ask, because I’m a serious Kat; it’s all about a genuine tickle, nothing fancy!

Okay, confession time; I’ve been called Silly, a time or two. Not sure why, my name’s not Billy; I’m not even a guy called Willy. Trust me, I have never been to Philly. Now, I do know how to get down; with the rhythm and the rhyme. So, if you think the rhymes are fresh? Go ahead, throw your hands in the air; wave it like you just don’t care… who’s watching. That’s right, you heard me; get your hands up. Woot woot, raise the praise. Get down on it, if that’s how the love moves you? Laugh, cry, dance; if the love truly moves your heart. Real love, will never be a joke; Keep it Fresh. Like I said, I take my roles seriously; even as I’m writing this verse. Because I know laughter, is also good for the soul!

  • I hope you all enjoyed this. May we all find humorous moments, in our everyday life!

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