Fun Friday; Robin, Of The Hood!

Hi, my name is Robin, of the hood; I’m an addict, these are my confessions. Hi Robin! Friends, countryman, lend me your hearts. Let me tell you what happened, let me tell you how; I kept falling off the wagon. It all started, when I would repeatedly rob Peter, to pay back Paul. He came to the hood, asked me what’s up? But then he tried to confiscate my bow, but I said whoa; absolutely no. Oh boy, Paul was dressed like a Repo man; but he was working for a collection agency. Rob… In, the hood; NOT… happening!

I was so upset about the whole situation, that I shot the Sheriff; of Knott… that important. Oh, I swear; I didn’t shoot the deputy. I had already robbed Peter; he was the deputy. But I was still convicted, by the Knotting… of the stomach. SURE, WOOD comes from the FOREST; but there’s this one tree. One wondering within the wilderness, with one LITTLE message. His name is JOHN, pointing you; to a way out of the forest, into a heart filled with endless dreams!

Yes, my friends, you can get addicted; robbing Peter, over and over again. For a short time you might live like a king, but when Paul comes knocking; you absolutely feel it. That knotting felt deep down, within the pit of your stomach; another BILL, has once again become due!

Life happens my friends, we have to constantly adjust; that’s just how it is. But it doesn’t have to be life or death, just a moment to breathe; leaving all the drama, out of the equation! Take care, and blessings to you!


37 thoughts on “Fun Friday; Robin, Of The Hood!

  1. W♡W! Excellent! Another masterpiece, beautiful words 👏

    Yes, I completely agree with you, life happens and we all need to learn how to adjust. Life is too beautiful to be stressed. We all must stay calm and always be grateful. Thank you. 😁

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