Fun Friday; The Wheelhouse Infusion!

First and for most, the opening statement is going to be Blunt. This first one is dedicated to A to the M to the Y… you ask? She’s the one who suggested I participate in the; Quips, Idioms, and Lingo Tag! Don’t call this a Rap, I also have to give a shout out; to Kathy Wire from Maggie Tiggles, the creator this tag. So, let me get straight to the point; I normally don’t participate in these. I already have a hard enough time trying to keep up; with everything else associated with blogging. So instead I decided to infuse it, with the regular Fun Friday post. I didn’t realize when I started blogging, that along with sharing stories; we would also be playing tag. Well, I did post a few months ago; about Hide and Seek. I guess even kids at heart; will forever likes stories, and a wonderful game of tag. So, that leads to my next point; about this wonderful person. Sure, she may have a led foot, but this story is not about pedal to the metal. And I’m sure, her heart forever races; whenever she, Aims her hearts arrow… high!

I’m in my Wheelhouse, my heart is at ease; with Humorous expressions. My heart can Wheel a few jokes, deep within this House; Iies a boatload of humor. Writing for your enjoyment, will never be tedious. I’ve been known to be Playful, some have called it Witty. Okay, confession time; I’ve been called Sarcastic a time or two… many to count. But I like to think of it as Whimsical, don’t think that to be Laughable. Within everything, there‘s always teachable moments; even if it’s done in Fun. So, don’t think of me as a Pest. Even though I won’t cry boohoo, just to become a Mess, this is all done in Jest. King Kong doesn’t have anything on me, what’s better than being a child of God? So therefore, you will never see me beat my Chest; I always try to give the ego a Rest. I rather put the focus on you, did I ever tell you; You’re All The BEST? No need to doubt, just put my heart to the Test. But all joking aside; love and peace, are my only Quest!

My heart tells me I’m blessed, gifted with the ability; to put Tongue-in-Cheek. Yes, truly gifted; I know how to put tongue, in left or right cheek. Now you might say; that makes me a bit too Cheeky. Okay, TRUTH be told; I do like making Wisecracks. I even loved watching the game show Lingo; when I was younger, I loved playing Bingo. If I had a dog, I would name him; B-I-N-G-O. It’s ironic, being a bit Comical; to me it has always made Sense, of the Humor perspective. Who knew, that writing about the love within; would become the new characteristic, the passion that now moves my heart? These days, I’m too Blessed to be Stressed, God’s love has cleaned up the Mess. Some days I face a Test, but within God’s love; my heart has forever found Rest, and that the honest TRUTH!

In closing, another shout out to AMY, and SADJE. They both asked me to participate in the, Quote Me. The words are Family, and Truth; I infused them both within today’s post. But please, don’t quote me; okay, Quote Me. Amy, Sadje, I’m up for the Challenge. So, can you handle the TRUTH? Don’t worry, this is not TRUTH or Dare. But let me take you for a Spin, on The Bottled up emotions. Here’s the question on FAMILY, and how I see this TRUTH. FAMILY, what is FAMILY? Is it evident, only because you share a special bond; is it also about having a unique connection? Do you know the TRUTH, do you just guess answer; what say you? If you guessed that the WordPress community is just about being social; then you’ve guessed wrong, it’s like an extended FAMILY. Made up of so many hearts; who seem to have made an unexpected, but a truly wonderful connection. So, go ahead, I Dare you; #QuoteMe, this is my TRUTH. Tag, you’re all it; the FAMILY I’ve been talking about!


24 thoughts on “Fun Friday; The Wheelhouse Infusion!

  1. Wonderfully rhyming words. Took the tags and had a fun ride with them. Too true that we are an extended family. A lovely group of people who care about each other and are so supportive and appreciative of each other.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks, Stuart! It’s not easy to find the time, but I also try not to disappoint! Even if it takes months to post nominations, I think I might start to incorporate them into Friday post!


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