Love is, Affirming!

Love is profound, renowned; will astound, love is amazing. Love is fearless, love is distinguished, love is heroic, love is courageous; love is valiant. Love is an artist, artistic, an artistry; love is a portrait. Love creates, love is creative, with every creation; love is a work of art. Love is freely given, love doesn’t count the cost, love is completely sold out; love is priceless. Love is expressive, love is an expression. Love will express, what words can’t verbalize; love is beyond words. Love is the sun, the moon, the stars; love is out of this world. Love is a teacher, a leader, a listener; love is a believer, in the impossible. Love is playful, love is serious, love is passionate, love is bold; love has a beautiful story. Love is thoughtful, love is kind, love has your back; love is a friend. Love is lyrical, love has rhythm, love strikes a tone; love is a song. Love is a poem, a poet, poetic; love is poetry, in eMotion. Love gives hope, love brings joy, love shows grace; love is amazing. Love is an eagle, a sparrow, a dove; love has wings. Love has height, love has depth, love has breadth; love has perspective. Love is an ocean, love is a deep river, a soothing stream; love is water, love is so refreshing. Love has stature, love takes action, love will inspire; love is incredible. Love is engaging, love is captivating, love is endearing; love is Affirming, love is Everything!


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