Alphabet Soup!

The world says that to be socially accepted, you have to know that it’s always; I before E, except after C. But I just can’t C, with my eyes; I use my heart. Can somebody please tell me; how can I ever put I before E, when all I can C, is U?

I’ve tried the whole alpha male routine, but at the end of the day. I still couldn’t bring myself to put, the I first; this is still all about U. What a dilemma, so I wrestled with this very notion night and day. As a child, I learned that there’s no I, in team. I even learned that, A.E.I.O.U are very important; but lest we forget, sometimes there’s still the Y. Yes, why do I feel that “U” mean more to me; than all others put together?

Every day I do a sound check, but better yet, I should say I do a gut check; I forever hear U, moving within my heart. So the question still remains to be asked; Y do You love me so? That must be why the words I vowed will always be about; U. As an adult I have yet to see the, I in love. So do I search for my wants, or do I give You what You desire; my heart. This is not about how I feel, but it’s about how much the U within my proverbial soup; means more to me than I can ever say!

Your love is just like alphabet soup, for I just want to hang on every single word; that comes out of Your heart. Knowing the 123’s is a good starting point, but I see all the ways the letters, turns into words; that just blows my mind. The ABC’s turns into words, the very words I use to express how much Your love has totally and completely transformed my heart!

I know that alphabet soup by itself could never be enough to sustain my heart. That’s why I’m adding the meat and potatoes to my dilemma. Your love is the substance, that gives my heart life; abundant. So let my heart enjoy a hot bowl of Your love. It will forever be the warmth down within my soul; my heart will never truly be contented, with just a cup of Your love. My heart now has substance; my heart is full, but still feasting. The ” I ” within me is silent, this needs to be about; U, and U alone. Your love is becoming so clear, can I get an A, yeah; Amazing!

  • Hey everyone, there is a word within the bowl for you to unscramble. They are clues within the poem, and the message in the picture! Have fun, let’s see who will solve it first!


20 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup!

    1. Thanks for participating, that was probably too easy for you.

      Here’s one for you, see if you can you find the 7 words within the picture message that spells Amazing, and then put them in a reply?


    1. I really appreciate the comment Shantanu!

      I just hit 1000 likes, and this week I will hit 100 followers. I said that when I get to that point, I would start to show other sides of my writing!

      Thanks the continued support. 🙏🏽

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