Tell me, does my heart please you; does my soul speak truth? With all my heart, I’m trying to show the love. With everything that’s within me, myself, yeah, I do; do love You. Do You believe that, or am I still that fool… ish heart; still trying to reach Your heart with just my own strength? Here I am, looking through the lens of my own heart, it can become broken; not shattered, hello!

Do I, oh does my, can you truly feel the love that resonates from within? The struggle is real, sometimes I feel like I’m not getting anywhere; are You trying to tell me something? Closer, draw my heart closer; let Your love be the only thing I hear. Liar, liar, heart of mine the devil is still a liar. God’s trying to tell you something; speak Lord, my heart’s listening!

When the love moves, my heart wants to move. When He breathes, I hold my breath; the awe and wonder. When I exhale, I once again get moved; the love is what moves my soul. With every breath, my heart takes; the love moves on the inside. My heart moves, trying to allow the love to breathe through my soul, but only when; I stop trying on my own. Shh, shh, listen; God’s trying to tell you something. Let His love move your heart, don’t try to move your own heart. Don’t even try to breathe on your own, just listen; then let the words flow out as love, like a river!


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