Let me paint you a picture, you might not see it; this is a masterpiece. With just a simple glance, my heart started displaying colors; love was being painted, upon the canvas of my heart. That’s all it took, for my heart to be captured within this portrait; a masterpiece!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of imperfections within this picture. Trust me, with each gentle stroke; the colors of love were becoming very clear. The light of love was being reflected, throughout my heart. The magnificent kisses of love, they too became a part of this artistry. Don’t tell me that this is not a portrait, this is a masterpiece; I’m sure!

This love has given my heart a freedom, this love has showed my heart joy. With all the countless ways this love paints upon my heart, all the ways my heart can’t even make clear to you; but together two hearts are becoming a true masterpiece. Just know that God is working, working to help make this masterpiece a display; a reflection of His love!

The beauty of this love is etched upon my heart, does it show; that the brush is nestled forever against my heart? This is not a lovely fairy tale, it will never be a picture of perfection. A work of art, my heart is just painting you the picture. The picture will never truly be complete; it’s been so many years, but my heart thinks this portrait is truly breathtaking!

Perfect; well mate, my soul sees it with a heart wide open. This is a picture of love, that much my heart knows to be true; a masterpiece. My heart is the canvas, God’s love is the brush. Hon, continue to paint my heart; now and forever, with your love!

Signed, I LOVE YOU!


15 thoughts on “Masterpiece!

      1. Praise God for His blessings. I feel the longer me and hubby are together the more childlike we get, not physically of course but in our love. If that makes any sense. I hope so because I know of no other way to explain it. Hahaha

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  1. What a beautiful picture you’ve painted, Warren! Anyone can feel the love leaking through your words.

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