Hide and Seek!

I used to try to hide my heart from Your love, but You would know just how to find it; maybe because Your love was at the center of my heart. Sometimes I’ve even turned my back, but Your love was still so relentless. You clearly saw that I had a foolish heart, my heart could never truly hide from Your love. I tried to avoid Your touch, but could never avoid Your presence. Your love became my heart, the very moment I gave it to You. There’s no need for You to seek, my heart can no longer hide; Your love is my heart!

Hide and seek is a game that kids play. Passion, desire, love; they play endlessly within my heart. They may hide, but Your love forever seeks; my heart is Yours. My heart wants to forever brag and boast, that Your love has become my everything. The more I seek, the more of You I find. The more I love, the more reasons a want to love. I don’t want to ever hide my heart, not when Your love has been my hearts closest friend; my heart is never alone. I will never again hide my heart, it’s the only thing Your love seeks!

I will seek You first, seek You faithfully, but seek Your love wholeheartedly. Just so my heart can forever be found, enjoying the presence of Your loving embrace. If You were to ever hide Your love, I will seek Your face. If You were to ever hide Your face, then I will seek Your heart; to forever have Your love. A heart will never truly know You, until that heart stops hiding; don’t ever hide Your love from my heart. Hide and seek was a game my heart used to play; tag I’m it; a heart forever in need of Your love!


16 thoughts on “Hide and Seek!

  1. Hey Warren

    Your contribution to the WRITE with ROY & DEE KAY post has been compiled into a poem.
    Thanks for your beautiful lines. Please find the link below. Your Name and Blog link have been added below your verses.
    Hope you will like it and reblog it


    Looking forward to more such collab.

    Keep Writing and Keep Shining
    Much Love

    Roy & Dee Kay

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