Babe, may I have your hand, may I forever have your heart? I promise that I will treat your heart like a lady. I will open the door, and let your love feel at home; forever within the depth of my soul. Woman may I just take this moment; a moment to bask in your sweet April rain? In May I once again get to celebrate your love, as my precious May flower. Your April rain is forever beating against my heart, your beautiful flower has forever captured my gaze. Let my heart strike a pose, closed caption; words don’t need to be said, your love already says so much!

Honey, come go with me on a stroll, it’s not far over on memory lane; forever is still our destination. Let’s reflect, yeah; no regrets, babe this love is still my destiny. The month of May is so so very special, I call it magical; two hearts forever became one. Lady I DO… remember; yesterday. Oh, who can ever forget yesterday, because your love will forever be my tomorrow. I took you by the hand, you had me by the heart. May, and a day within; ours to forever remember. Loving me for all these years may not have been easy, just know that my love will forever be true!

Babe I absolutely consider it pure joy, to wake up every day; to feel your love within my heart. May I look deeply into your heart, your love sees so deeply into my soul. My heart is a canvas, God’s love is the brush. Paint on it, say forever, I have your love; God’s love will turn it into a masterpiece. Girl this is truly a love thang, so may I tell you once again; iSwear, to love you Forever. Dear sweetness, your love pours into my soul. May our hearts together truly thrive, not just survive. Your love will forever be my honey, let my heart forever be your hive. Stored up with all the sweet love, your soul will ever desire!

Babe, may not always feel the wind on my breath, you may not always see the rain fall from my eyes. I may forget what happened in the other months, but I will never forget what happens within the month of May; your love makes my heart bloom. We’ve been married for thirty years, but I’m looking forward to the next thousand years. Sweet Lady, Thank You for helping my heart to become a portrait of a better man. May 28, 1988 was truly an amazing day. The day I looked into your heart and said; Forever I Do!


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