The Song!

Deep within my heart is a song. A song playing softly, a song playing endlessly; the sweetest of love songs; God’s love is the song!

A song heard within the moments, a song heard whenever my heart just needs to be moved for a moment. Still becomes my heart, but moved is my soul; every time my heart gets lost within the moment!

A song that is His heart, a song that’s within my heart; a song weaved throughout my soul. My heart will forever sing a song; love will forever be the song. My heart would never be the same, if my soul couldn’t forever dance; to a song that will forever be a love song!

Some days it’s a slow waltz, other days it’s time to get down and boogie, but every day; it’s just the rhythm within my heart. My heart goes to bed singing to it, my soul spends all night dreaming lyrics that’s part of it. Sometimes a lullaby, sometimes lyrics to get me by; but always a love song!

A song that speaks to my heart, a song that forever plays within my soul. God, take my soul to the dance floor; slow dance with my heart. Let my heart fall in love with Your song again and again. Hold me within the quietness, whisper into my heart within the darkness. You have uniquely composed a song specifically for the rhythm within my heart. Forever my heart will sing; but only our love song!


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