Dear Sweetness!

My sweetness, before our hearts became one; my soul was so bitter. But now it seems I can’t do without you, you’re a love so sweet. Continue to pour your sweetness into me, I promise to always receive your love; my soul still has a desire. Your love is truly a blessing; double double. Your sweetness is not just needed once, not twice; but three times it seems lately!

I could truly never get enough of your sweet love. Stir up your sweetness within my heart; my soul will never be into sugar free. Oh me, oh my; your sweetness will never stop being my weakness. I don’t want to be shaken, but need to have every bit of my soul; forever stirred up by you. Sweetness, you have such wonderful qualities. My my my, you truly are the sweetest!

You bring so much to the table, but would it be absolutely presumptuous of me; to call your heart my own delectably wrapped up sweetness?

There’s absolutely nothing else Equal, but you; you’re truly Splenda, in every way. Your love is absolutely Sweet and Low, felt deep within the depth of my soul. My sweetness, you will always have my undying love and affection; because your love fills me!

Oh, let me ask you this; does my love feel as hot today, as like the moment our hearts became one? I can handle the truth, or do you just see it as the sweet… tea; you once used to know? Your sugary substance is still the very essence; your love is still my delightful treat. Your heart is the sweet love my soul still craves; bitterness, no longer becomes me. Your love is just right for me, you’re just sweet like that. Thirty years my heart has been enjoying your sweetness; it’s a love thang. Just a spoonful of your love, is more than enough to sweeten my heart. Sugar, your love is, will always, will forever be; just right… for me!

Yours truly, Coffee; Black!


Write with Roy & amp; Dee Kay #1: Tinted Windows to Beautiful Rose !!!

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Dear Reader,

Witness the conversation that drips every drop of emotional exchange between a couple…a couple that was meant to drift apart…apart across the tinted window…window that encapsulates his heart into a dark cell and captures hers into a beautiful rose…

Will they ever come together?…


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PS: Roy & Dee Kay feels humbled and touched by the love and participation shown by all the poets.

Watching you through those tinted windows
I see a trembling soul trapped inside a beautiful rose
Wounds of past are what you have chose
Over this recklessly silly lover of yours
Bundled in pains this heart wails of your woes
I do see them even when you don’t wish to show
Songs of our existence once which sounded mellow
Now fails to penetrate the depths of your lows
Melancholic my days pass by drowning in your sorrows
Helpless and powerless I stay bound to the promise in your shadows
Watching you through those tinted windows
I see a trembling soul trapped inside a beautiful rose…
(Roy & Dee Kay)

Girl :
Emotional thorns
that sprouted
from wounds of the past,
shy away
from your perceiving eyes
I do at times hear our song
but in the turmoil of my sorrows,
the beautiful melody… dies
please, look away
for within,
my tears bleed my heart
along with the promises
we might have whispered in the dark
please, look away
from my unseen love
that, for you, cries

the freedom you cling to, devoured
the rose you dwell in, shriveled and worn
the soul you foster, while innocent and mild
springs forth into darkness, blinded and torn
I continue to thirst for a love so sour
I sit in the garden and count down the hours
This day, this night, this echoing fear
What have you done to the hope that was near?
Tormented, you sift through the pain and decide
in the end, there was nothing to gain.
A bittersweet end, all the same.
(The Nashville Wife)

As you watch me through those tinted windows,
Observe carefully the words I chose
Take a hint from the dews planted upon my nose
I have cried rivers from the inflicted sorrows
It is the trick of the devil and he knows
of your recklessness and your woes
I feel your gaze as you peer,
Always after me so sincere.
I only tremble with fear,
praying you won’t appear.
My sorrow does not belong to my lover,
My pain belongs to you.
You took my heart and threw it away…
I remain beyond the tinted window

Loving you unconditionally was what I chose,
Your pain and sorrows did multifold
the throes within me that I never wished to show
“You are bound to his love”, are the words of my fellows,
I love you more than I show
Watching you through those tinted windows
I too want to get trapped in that beautiful rose
You and I then will tie our souls

Your beauty moves my heart, but my love is trapped;
this tinted glass won’t let my heart get to you.
So my love breathes, but just upon this dreaded glass.
Misty, my eyes are getting misty,
my love is just a breath,
a mist upon the glass.
Trembling, my heart is trembling;
my gaze is trapped within the soul of a beautiful rose.
Powerless, my heart stays absolutely powerless;
my heart is forever bound,
within the shadow of a beautiful rose!
(Warren Richards)

I can see you suffering from a distance,
But I can’t change your life in an instant,
For you warned me never to give you my guidance,
I can see your painful tears that pierce my heart with uncountable arrows
While watching the trembling soul trapped inside a beautiful rose.
(Tracy Muso )

The season spent in raging storm
have built around a fence of thorn
I ‘ve been deceived in all its form
In an attempt to hope and save my soul
so for the left  time  that I still own
I ‘ve learned to love this current home
Now, Ghost or real?
a hero comes from an endless dream
familiar voice but face unseen
a song I lift  from the windowsill
as to respond
My only bound
to the outside world
My first sunray

One day I hope for better tomorrows
When we again can talk about our sorrows
It may be cruel to say, one reaps what one sow.
I will not reproach you thus, Life is full of unearned woes.
I won’t pick over bones of regret like the pitiless crows
Until the day I’ll watch and wait, as your flower grows
Watching you through those tinted windows
I will always see a trembling soul trapped inside a beautiful rose

Not Guilty!

One day my heart stood accused, the list was so long. My fate was in the Judge’s hands, but He turned and said; not guilty. I don’t know how that could ever be? Judge, can’t you clearly see; that my sins are beyond forgiveness? He said I know, two witnesses came forward; Grace, and Mercy. The Judge said that they were willing to take my place, their love has paid the price; not guilty!

But Judge for years my soul has cursed God, with such a lethal heart; just hoping to die. But instead You’ve chosen to inject my heart, with so much love. Judge my actions are that of a truly sinful man, so why won’t You let my heart be condemned? Son, no double jeopardy, the slate has been wiped clean; your sins are forgiven, not guilty. Judge how about all the wrongs; not guilty. Then how about all my errors in judgment; not guilty!

The Judge just wouldn’t let me answer for my heart. Instead the Judge just raised His hands; that’s when I saw the scars. My heart was in awe, the rain fell from my eyes; how could my heart not be guilty? I fell on my knees, my heart felt so ashamed; but my soul was so grateful. Judge, I confess, it doesn’t matter what, they will say in the court of public opinion. My foolish heart helped in making the stripes necessary!

Oh God, I have a change of heart. The verdict is obvious, but You’ve shown my heart so much mercy. So many charges, but the sentence You’ve graciously set aside. Judge, Your love has forever rendered my heart; Not Guilty!


It’s A Love Thang!

I am a man, a simple man; complicated is just my heart. I’ve got this thing, my heart’s got a love thang. A need to be loved, but the desire to show love; it’s a love thang. This man doesn’t need much, forever and only your love is that thang. Girl you must know that we’ve got a nice thang, a wonderful thang; a truly special thang. Girl this thang is real, this is definitely not a little thang. Maybe I shouldn’t call it just a thang? I see this as a big thang; babe this more than just a love thang!

Woman it’s the little things, even the little bitty things; that keeps my heart loving you. All the little things, all the sweet loving things; shows me that your heart’s my true love thang. So woman please believe, girl I need you to always believe; that your heart will forever be my love thang. My desire is to love you, my desire is to honor you; it’s a love thang. Girl I want you to embrace this thang, this thang goes deep. I’m trying to show you that it’s a deep love thang!

Girl I know you want my heart to always have a thang. Sweet lady, you deserve my everything. But what’s a thang, if it’s not a good loving thang? Babe, my love will forever be that thang. I’m your man, forever trying to be the man; giving you a good loving thang. Woman you done know, that my heart will forever big up your love. I will forever be your mister lover, lover; your mister lover man. Babe, I need your heart to know, that I have a love thang; for you!


A Mother!

As women, people like to label you; categorize you. When you’re young and single, they label you with words like; Hot, Sexy, Fearless. When a woman is older, married and have kids; you become far more than just a sticker price. The labels seen only through the lens of the eyes, but the heart is where the true beauty lies; into you, that’s what they need to see. A woman will never loose the label used to describe her youth, they just simply age like fine wine. Aging heightens the beauty; maturing is what defines the essence within!

As men, we absolutely need to know how to appreciate the true essence. Essence is defined as: An intrinsic nature. The indispensable quality that serve to characterize; that used to identify something, someone. It’s the most important ingredient, the crucial element. The inherent, unchanging nature; A Mother!

Sure, outer beauty is nice to have, but a woman is defined by her true beauty; the essence within. What really makes a woman truly special, is the definition that radiates from within. This label that I speak of, is that of a Mother; a label that speaks of Love, and true Strength. A Mother looks after the home, but that doesn’t define her. She nurtures her kids, with all the love within her soul. All while working to help support the family. A mother’s love; unwavering love!

When you’re young you may be able to turn a few heads, and be admired for your outer beauty. But when a woman truly knows her Worth, she doesn’t need to turn heads; she has learned how to inspire a generation, with her heart. She has truly realized that she is a SUPERWOMAN; with the ability to even stop hearts, with just her presence!

Mothers, the label; scratch that. You have a title; built on Strength, but the foundation is Courage. The strength to be, with the courage that is; flawless. Mothers, I Celebrate You this day, and every day. Don’t let any label define you, it’s a Title that best Describes You; A Woman!

God Bless You, Happy Mothers Day!


My Superwoman!

Your love can truly melt my cold, insensitive heart, with just a gaze of those beautiful eyes; you must truly be a Superwoman? You’re a simple woman, but I just love your incredible strength; you’re my Superwoman. Even when I didn’t realize I had traces of kryptonite protruding from within the crevices of my heart. The strength of your love was still so strong; it had the ability to render my foolish heart absolutely powerless. You are truly a Superwoman, and my heart is simply glowing; just being in your presence!

Beyond the surface no one in this world truly knows who you are, they just don’t see you the way I do. You’re more than just a mother and a wife. They just can’t see it, they just can’t see the strength within. So how could they ever possibly know that you’re my Superwoman? Woman you are absolutely super, but more than even that; you’re an exceptional person, through and through. Super is my way of saying, that you’re more than just a woman; you’re also my lady. Superwoman your love is stronger than my words could ever articulate; your love is also a tower of strength. I couldn’t even leap over it in a single bound!

Superwoman, my love is an unstoppable locomotive; but my heart just can’t seem to outrun your love. Woman, your love is always there to rescue my heart; whenever I find myself in absolute need. How do you continue to do this incredible feat time after time? Superwoman you’re so fly, I saw your love from a distance. It was seen in the horizon, but it was first felt deep within my heart; your strength is truly remarkable. So let me ask you this question, do you ever forget your own thoughts, just looking into my eyes? Has my love even left you speechless; whenever you remove your glasses, and look keenly into the depth of my soul?

Woman, it didn’t take a lifetime for your love to find me. But you better believe that it’s going to take the rest of this life; to prove that I still deserve every bit of your love. To show you how Super I truly think you are. Superwoman, I know that you could never really appreciate me; more than I truly appreciate how special you are. You’re absolutely one of a kind, you don’t need to hide your heart behind your glasses. I prayed for a woman, but instead I got a Superwoman!

Woman I love you, very much in love with you; my world needs you. Woman you will never have to rescue my soul. Just allow the radiance within my love, to be a source of strength; that can rely on to power your heart, day after day!


Blogger Recognition Award!

I would like to thank emmelykat for nominating my blog iWrite… my love story for the Blogger Recognition Awards. She has a wonderful heart, with a story to tell. Her blog is worth reading, and following; don’t hesitate to visit her site!

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My Answers:

Well, to tell you the truth, I’m not really a big fan of social media. So why blogging you ask; 🤔 great question. Well it all started in 1968, wait; scratch that, wrong story. 😊

Seriously folks, I started blogging because my heart had a story to tell. I’ve been writing for about eight plus years now. For the past few years my family and friends have been asking me to put what I’ve been writing out in different forms. I didn’t feel that it was the right time, I feel lead that the time is now. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not blogging because of that. I’m here to influence hearts and minds. To speak into the lives of others. Not with my words, but with a word; that just might point you in the right direction. ⬆️

Take hold of today, tomorrow is never promised! Take hold of your heart, and you will never truly have to worry about the battles within the mind! This is my advice; to you, and to yours! God Bless!

My Nominees:

The Fourth Dimension of Life

For a young man Stefan has great insight into the heart of God, I am honoured to nominate him for this award!

Eclipse Words

Aishwarya, has great material. Her post are well researched, full of content, and will challenge you to think about what you have read. I am honoured to nominate her for this award!

Thank You!