The Chains; Broken!

The chains are broken, let them fall to the ground. The chains are broken, lying on the ground are they. Pieces, they are just pieces; the chains are no longer resting against your heart. Breathe, let your soul breathe; the chains are broken. Fasten your soul with the belt of truth, secure your heart within love. Let love arrest your heart, don’t be handcuffed by what lies within the unknown; if someone sees the pieces, will they ever link it back to your heart?

Shackles, they were never shackles; just a chain with linkage, your heart was never linked to a chain that binds. Don’t believe the lie; that your heart will forever be in chains, let that link forever be broken. Life can sometimes fight against your will to resist. Always fight back, push back if you must; resistance will never be futile. Don’t ever let fear keep your soul a prisoner; fight the power that be. Break free from the mind games, don’t get roped into peer pressure. Cut the ties, the ties that tries to bind; fight to keep your heart free!

You might ask yourself, if the chains were truly broken; why can’t you see them on the ground? My friend, don’t look through the lens of the eyes; see into your soul, through the lens of faith. The chains were broken, the very moment your heart was set free. Don’t hang on to brokenness, let that what is broken; be the chains that tried to bind!


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