Sweet Dreams!

Would I still be able to have the sweetest of dreams, if my heart wasn’t able to hold Your love close; day and night? I think not, so my heart won’t stop dreaming. Every night when I lay my head down to sleep, your love awakens my heart. Two o’clock in the morning, your love becomes my sweet dream. Without a dream, my heart would surely toss. Restless, would be my mind; your love, keeps my heart dreaming!

Your love is my heart, but yet; I still need to feel your love, nestled against my heart. Every night, your love is what gives my heart sweet dreams; but they just don’t end there. The sweet dreams continue straight through; even past the wee hours of the morning, then to the dawning. My heart has never yet had a yawning; first it would have to stop yearning, for more of your sweet dreams!

Does anyone want a love with a soft touch, or a heart that absolutely knows; what it is to be softly caressed, upon the gentle breath of a sweet love? Oh heart, there’s no need to be day dreaming; even though it’s about every one of those sweet embrace. Oh heart of mine, let your love speak clearly; articulate every single one of those sweet words. Then there would never be a single doubt; about how deep is your love? The very sweetest of dreams; is truly made of these!

Oh, but who am I, that my heart would even get to experience such sweet dreams? But what is real love, if it’s not the kind of love; that captivates your heart, day and night? A love that can be felt, constantly pressed up against your heart. A love that steals your every breath, with just a thought. A love that is the light, the light at the edge of the darkness. The dawn becomes the sweetest part of my dream. A heart is awakened by a love, shining through the heart. That’s the moment you realize, how absolutely sweet it truly is. To awake feeling alive, knowing that the dreams; is a sweet reality!


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