It Was So Clear; Right Turn Only!

Why should I ever have to worry about being lost? Whenever I looked up, there’s always a sign; it comes from up above. This is not about having a clear eye, but an open heart; to truly see everything, within the right perspective. The sign spoke to me with such a clear and powerful message, it simply said; ”right turn only!” The words were clear as day, so what’s a man to do. Following your heart is a good thing, but even a foolish heart; can still make all the wrong decisions. Follow your heart, but first learn how to be led; by more than just what feels good!

So therefore I followed the sign, not just the heart; clarity comes, when your heart knows how to also listen. My heart knew the way, getting home wasn’t a new thing; why didn’t I notice that sign before? I saw with my eyes, but my heart was going through a shifting; called learning how to listen. Before I knew it, I was on the highway. The Highway to Heaven, is what it seemed to me, it led me home; back into the loving arms, of the one who loves me. Our hearts were reunited, and it felt so good!

But how could it not, when love is my compass. People look at me, they might even think that it’s my own ability; that helps me to navigate my heart. Life, it has so many potholes; but where the rubber meets the road, the solid rock is my foundation. Most people think that it’s me, “in the so called drivers seat;” Your love is the driving force, behind my beating heart!

So like I said at the very top of my heart; “why should I ever have to worry, about getting lost? As long as I continue to keep right, and allow Your love; to move to the depth of my soul. Your love will always guide me, to the very end of life; the journey… home. And when I have finally reached the end of the road. I will put the right foot in front of the left, take one steady step at a time. For every little step I take, will without a doubt; get me that much closer, to Your heart!

  • This piece was inspired, by a road sign I saw about three years ago; Right Turn Only! I wrote it then, tweaked it a bit today; may it inspire you, to make the right turns in life!


17 thoughts on “It Was So Clear; Right Turn Only!

  1. You amaze me, and your timing even more. Such a needed read this was, how the heart needs to be open to listen, I was looking for a sign and probably this was one such sign ! 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing this ! 🙂

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    1. You’re welcome! Glad it was a blessing! Just like I told another reader, the timing of the post is never random. Each post has a purpose, a message, a word that someone needs to hear. This one was birthed years ago, some additional words added; but it was written for a time such as this! May the need within your heart, be the sign you were looking for! Blessings to you!


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