My Sweet Sixteen!

My wish, that someday I will be every bit of a man; your heart needs me to be? Just know, till then; my heart will be faithful. Your love has always been sweet, you will always be; my sweet sixteen. Wish upon a star, wish that you may; but I wish that you might. Let all my love, be your one wish tonight!

So go ahead, make a wish, but don’t blow out the candles; I want your flame, to keep burning forever. Instead, do the thing you always do; blow my mind. Touch my heart, like you always do; tell me, is it still the right texture? The texture of not just a good, but a faithful man? Good feelings come and go, but faithfulness; will faithfully be, good!

Honey, make a wish; no need for any hesitations. God’s love is the cord, that binds it all together. My love is the gift, unwrap and take my heart; it’s yours forever. The love within, comes with a lifetime commitment. You may not be sixteen today, but you’re still my sweet love; I’m still sweet on you. Sweetie, it’s your birthday, but I too have been given a gift. Thirty plus years later, I get to reminisce; about the first birthday of yours we ever spent together. Happy Birthday, to My Sweet Sixteen!


46 thoughts on “My Sweet Sixteen!

  1. No gift is needed when this love is the pillar that it is. This is just so beautiful, and so full of love, a very happy birthday to your beautiful ever sweet sixteen, and many wishes to you too for this ever growing and the most beautiful love ! ❤

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