The Sure!

I thought I stood on the right sure, but within my heart; I knew that there was a deeper calling. Maybe I was afraid, afraid of what it might cost; to follow You? Did I truly have enough, enough faith to walk on water? I thought I was standing on faith, but it was sand; faith moves, not a sandy shore. That was why, I stood on the same old sure; but it was sinking sand. For years I dreamed, that someday I would be a hero. But to be that hero, I would first have to start at the very beginning; be the zero, and let God’s love be the hero!

So I raised up my hope, stood on the forever sure; my heart was no longer, a slave to fear. The battle wasn’t being afraid to die, but overcoming the battles within the mind; and let the love, move my heart and soul. That was the battle, standing there; on the edge of my sure. Just like David, my heart needed to face the giant, I had let get ten feet tall; playing footsie, at the edge of the shore. To be a man, the boy within would first have to slay the mind; to show his heart, how to truly make a giant fall. Deep within my chest was the heart of a warrior, it was time; to stop playing in the sand. Stop building little castles, a fortress around my heart; that would just get swept away!

I thought I would be dipping my little heart, into a cold, cold sea; but what I failed to see, is that Your love was the ocean, calling my heart into Your clear blue yonder. I couldn’t see, that Your heart is the love I see; in the horizon. Maybe I wasn’t yet ready, or yet willing to cross the line; the line my own heart, chose to draw within the sand. My heart felt safe on the sandy shore, but within my own mind; it was just the shallow end. A deeper love can only be experienced, within the depth; of a truly loving heart. It was time to step out by faith, but I needed this true love; to be what forever moves my heart!

Footprints within the sand, were there to show me where I’ve been; but not where Your love wants to take me? All that time standing still, because of what others said. They said that they’re absolutely shore, that you shouldn’t go deeper; just build another castle, in the forever shallow end. But my heart heard the call, a love as wide as the ocean. I had to stand, on what I know to be sure; God’s love is the one thing, I know is sure!

So I got off the shore… thing, and stepped out of all the mind games; my soul gained absolute freedom. Walking on water, is about having faith; but your faith still has to be sure, on what it’s standing on? My heart doesn’t just need to go deeper, but be willing to drown forever, within the depth of that love. So whether I swim, or whether I just sink; that was never the issue. My will had to die, so God’s love could take my heart even deeper. Until I am sure, I was beautifully in, over my head!


31 thoughts on “The Sure!

  1. I love it, Warren! I also especially love this:

    “be the zero, and let God’s love be the hero!”

    Well written as always. 👏👏

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