Random Act of Kindness!

I would like to thank Richa @ http://iscriblr.com/, and Stuart @ http://stubaby777.wordpress.com; for nominating me for the Random Act of Kindness award. They are two of the most kind hearted souls, that I have met here on WordPress. They share what’s on their heart, with one intention, to bless your heart. For me friends, I view this ACT in two ways; RANDOM, INTENTIONAL.

• When you hear that someone is going through something, and you are a person of faith; you don’t just say you will pray for them at some point in the future. I believe that you should pray for them on the spot; verbally, or in writing!

• When you see someone is in need a a financial blessing, don’t just tell them; “the check is in the mail,” check your pocket. They do need to have faith, but you also need to be part of the faith blessing!

• Someone says they need a ride; they’re going to be late, or have to wait for the bus for hours. It might be out of the way; show them compassion, not the time. Go out of your way, take the time; to show that you have a light that shines!

With all these points; it’s a time to act, not just react. Random is wonderful, but Intentional is even better. People might see the things I do as random, but that’s just it my friends; I don’t do random, I do intentional. Every day I choose to act, to never miss an opportunity to react; to a heart in need. Open up your heart, and at the same time open up a door; put someone else’s need first!

I will share a story with all of you. I drive for a living, back in March of 2015; I had the opportunity to work in the busy city. One day as I was heading out of the city, I met this homeless guy; now I see homeless people all day, it’s the big city. Most homeless people have a brown cardboard sign saying something. Every day I put $2-$4 in my pocket, to give away. But this sign was different, creative. It was white Styrofoam board; it said McHungry, with a few other words. Not all homeless is homeless, unfortunately some people use it as a way to make money; while living a regular life!

I handed him a apple, with a $5 bill; and did so every Wednesday for a few weeks. But then I stated to get creative, along with the $5, I would buy a subway sandwich, a hot chocolate in the winter; whatever I felt led to do. Within months I knew his name, his birthday. It blew him away, when I gave him a gift on his birthday, a year later. He didn’t even remember that he told me it the year before. He just kept asking, how did you know it was my birthday over and over; a priceless moment. At Christmas he gets a gift, on long weekends he gets a $10. Over the years I’ve given him copies of my writing, he loves them. This year his mother died. He said that my writing, my acts of kindness; is what helped get him through it, how do you put a price on that. It’s been three years now, we meet for no more than 30 seconds a day. But every single Wednesday, my heart receives a blessing; when I see the smile on his face!

With this post, I would like to take this opportunity; to Introduce new bloggers. Below is a list of bloggers, who are new to WordPress. They’ve been blogging for a short time, most within the last couple of months. I don’t know all these bloggers that well, still getting to know their hearts. But it’s truly not about knowing, but promoting. I’m following them all, so won’t you please join me in showing them some love; Read, Like, Follow!

• C. Capablanca @ https://thelightinme.home.blog

• Yonnie @ https://yonnieinhiscare.blog

• Laura Rogers @ https://thebeautifulbutterflies.wordpress.com

• Optimistic Soul @ https://optimisticsoulin.com

• Simplymadhavi @ https://madhavi589917978.wordpress.com

• FavourSweet; @ https://beinspired2inspire.wordpress.com

Consider this, your Intentional Act of Kindness! Blessings To You All!


44 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness!

  1. Brother, I appreciate your kind words. Right back at you. You put your heart out there for all to see the reason your heart loves…Christ.

    I love the intentional aspect. That was actually my new years resolution. To be more intentional with my blogging, how I spend time with my kids and how I treat others. Still working on the last one.

    But what a blessing you have been given for all these years of showing love to this man. Totally awesome!

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  2. “It’s a time to act, not just react. Random is wonderful, but Intentional is even better.” I love it! ♡ I knew it from the start, you are a rare gem. You have just made him so happy. You are truly an angel on Earth! Your love and kindness is overflowing. You are so sooo sweet. 😊

    Oh! I did not see that coming! I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I really appreciate it. Thanks very much.

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    1. Wonderful to hear that it resonated with your heart! Thank you for sharing what’s on your heart, and the wonderful comment! It was my pleasure to promote you and those other bloggers! The honor and privilege was mine! God bless!

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  3. Hey warren..! Just read the story of ur intentional act of kindness…and um glad to know that there are still so compassionate people like u in this world where nobody have enuf tym to utter a word even with their acquaintances and are recklessly running like machines that just sated their pockets but not their souls. A big applause for this act warren…! Commendable. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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  4. Congratulations 🎈🎉

    Warren, very well deserved.
    Your Random Act of Kindness Testimonial is truly powerful. Your light is shining so bright as you Exhibited God’s love.

    You have sow seeds of joy, kindness, patience, faithfulness and encouragement and even your increase unselfishly.

    Giving of your heart, time and a listening ear, being an extension of God’s Arms reaching out and keeping him near.

    Someone he can call friend,
    Someone who genuinely cares.
    Breathes Life and Expect.


    Warren your nomination for “Random Acts of Kindness“a lot .

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  5. My goodness Warren, you never cease to amaze me. Everything you said about praying, giving, all of it is so true. I have heard often, “are you listenig?” YES! I am quiet because I am praying as they speak. I don’t want to wait, or leave anything out 🙂 God’s Light shines brightly through you my friend. I am blessed to have met you. LORD, thank You for continuing to bless Warren 🙂

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  6. Thank you from my heart, Warren! You are indeed amazing. Keep lightening the heart of many and inspiring especially me with your beautiful blog posts. God bless you! 🤗

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  7. You reminded me of my late granny. She was a caterer. Our mission after each event was to take all the food after each event and feed the homeless and hungry. My brothers and I were quite young when this happened and she continued doing this all our lives. Her spirit of giving continues through us.

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