Song Inspired; You Say!

Growing up I fought, thoughts within my mind; playing over and over within my heart. The question placed to my heart, are you truly enough? But deep within my soul, there was a voice, the only thing that drowned out my own thoughts. Small still whispers, my solace, a peace within my soul. A voice with so much strength; strong and mighty, the gentleness is what moved my heart. My soul didn’t always believe, in what I couldn’t yet see; but my heart, learning how to hear!

My silence, was the only thing; that I truly knew to be real. You see, I was a child; that spent many hours alone, I could tell you stories. They all involve the same known characters; Me, Myself, and I. Playing make-believe, that I was sometimes visible; a world I would occasionally visit, within my own heart. Some days, the struggle was oh too real; just believing, that I was truly loved. I wasn’t blind to my world, but yet still too blind to see; that my heart was forever held.

My heart couldn’t see, so how could it even believe; that a love could possibly find a heart, barely breathing within the silence? Trust and believe, that was the word resonating within my soul. The lie that I wasn’t loved, was a fruit from the old poisonous tree. My Eden wasn’t a place, but a presence; bearing much fruit within my heart. Every single lie that told my heart, that I would never measure up; fell on the Rock, my soul was now covered. My soul now has a song, a story; it’s written upon my heart!

God, remind me again who I am; I need to know? Sometimes I can’t believe, that You love me so. Give me a moment, just knowing I’m so loved; my heart needs a moment to breathe. The only thing that matters to me now, is what You think of me. In You I find my worth, in You I’ve found my identity. In You my heart has a purpose, deeper into Your heart; that’s my destiny. The depth of my heart, is more than the sum; of every high, and every low!

• You say I am loved, when I couldn’t even feel a thing!

• You say I am strong, when I thought I was too weak!

• You say I am held, when I felt I was falling apart!

• When I felt like I didn’t belong; You say I am Yours!

• You took my every doubt, in You I have my every victory!

Now all I care to know, is what You say: I am. Nothing else will my heart ever again believe, or trust. You say believe, in that; I only trust!

Today’s song inspired, is a song by Lauren Ashley Daigle; an American contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter, from Lafayette, Louisiana.

I pray that this story, a glimpse into a part of my journey; is an encouragement. Even within the silence, God knew who I was; the only father I ever knew!


25 thoughts on “Song Inspired; You Say!

  1. Absolutely beautiful!❤

    This reminded me of a song called Because You Loved Me by – Celine Dion which goes like –

    “You were my strength when I was weak
    You were my voice when I couldn’t speak
    You were my eyes when I couldn’t see
    You saw the best there was in me
    Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach
    You gave me faith ’cause you believed
    I’m everything I am
    Because you loved me
    You gave me wings and made me fly
    You touched my hand I could touch the sky
    I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
    You said no star was out of reach
    You stood by me and I stood tall
    I had your love I had it all
    I’m grateful for each day you gave me
    Maybe I don’t know that much
    But I know this much is true
    I was blessed because I was loved by you”

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  2. Thank you for reminding me to listen in the silence for my truth. My heart is His, as it always has been, beating a precious song of love and life. In times like this, when my feelings overwhelm me, I need to remember that I am never alone. He created my soul with its infinite depth because He knows who I am. Even when all I can hear are lies that keep screaming through my head, I must not forget what He tells me in the silence. I am not just loved, but I AM LOVE. He tells me that I am a gift He’s given to this world to show how powerful His love can reach. When I feel like the world is beating me down, I crave the feeling of being held in someone else’s arms. I yearn for that feeling of safety and comfort. And in those times when I need to fall apart, I should stop searching for someone to hold me together when God just wants me to fall into Him. If I embraced the stillness of His presence, I’d know that He’s been holding me the entire time. He won’t let me fall or ever let me go. I will always and forever be loved by Him. With that truth, I need nothing else.

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