The Pretender!

How deep do You want to go, is there a limit to Your love; or am I the one, putting the limits on You? I will never pretend to know Your mind, but I am trying my best; to know Your heart. Some days I feel that I am Your hero, but in that very same day; I feel that I have turned into an absolute zero. So, please tell me the truth, my heart can handle the truth; how do You truly see me? I’ve got a think skin, over my tender heart. So tell me, do You see me with a loving heart, or just as a pretender?

I can be anything You want, but I already know. That You would rather see a heart, totally transformed; forever faithful. I have worn many hats, but wherever I lay my hat; that’s never truly been my home. My heart has only ever felt at home, resting safely within Your love. So therefore, I will never pretend; to just give You my heart, it’s forever Yours. I am not a pretender with my love, I will never pretend to love You; with just my lips. My heart glows much brighter, the moment I trusted; completely believed, that Your love would never let me go!

I’ve never been a slave to fear, but

I fear; that I’ve questioned my own heart at times, but I’ve never once had to question Your love. Trust can never be a true reality, if the heart doesn’t first believe; in that which it truly places the trust. My heart has been forever touched by Your love, where my belief started; my trust, forever in that love!

Within my heart I’ve never pretended to be anything, but truly grateful. Never once claimed to have perfect vision, my heart couldn’t even pretend to see straight; if not through the lens of Your love. Would not even pretend, that I’ve never once fell. At the very first encounter, it was head over heels; for Your love. So, I will never pretend; that Your love isn’t the true hero of this story. The unequivocal hero, that saved my heart. There’s absolutely no pretending, that my heart loves You so!


39 thoughts on “The Pretender!

  1. In times like this, I need proof His heart is true. When you’ve been surrounded by lies and the best pretenders, it takes a miracle to believe again. He has to show me His heart, cut wide open, so I might find His love is real. How far will He go to keep my heart? I’m so afraid that my love isn’t enough and I’ll lose the one thing that makes me feel alive. I don’t think I can do this life without His love with me. He is my savior, my strength, my rock, my laughter, my comfort, my only love. I need to be able to add “my truth” to that list but I can’t. I have no idea what the truth is about anything anymore. I’ll just keep on loving and always will no matter what the truth may be, praying just for the knowledge of it.

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    1. He has already proved His love, the mere fact that you woke to breathe in His love. Yes, we’re surrounded by lies, the best pretenders. They have the freedom to choose their own path, that’s what He has chosen to give us. No miracle is needed, faith is what gives hope; to trust, and believe. He showed His heart, He bleed and died; there’s No greater love, that alone is more than enough. We can take what humans do, to judge His love. He doesn’t need to keep your heart, yes; that where the trust comes in. Your love is enough, don’t be afraid; He says come as you are, rest within that. It’s never about how much you do, but what He has already done; and still doing within your heart. It may not seem like it, but He loves you; deeply! There’s NOTHING that you can ever do, to lose His love.

      Continue to make Him your savior, your strength, your rock, your laughter, your comfort; your only love. When your in Him gets deep within your bones, you will be able to add “your truth” to that which you seek! Keep praying, God bless. I will add you to my Wednesday WordPress prayer list!

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  2. God see and loves us 100%. I wish I was capable of loving Him back in the same way that He loves me, but each day no matter how I try I’m sure that I do something to disappoint Him—-yet He continues to Love for He is Love. So awesome!!

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