What have I done? The question my heart has so often pondered. I was such a sinner, and You such a great love. So Why, my heart knows the When and Where; the What is the ponder. I know When my heart came face to face with Your love. You Relentlessly chased after my heart, the blessings are now running me down. What have I done, to deserve this?

The depth of Your love, I can’t even fathom; so high I couldn’t possibly see how much. The length and breadth, will take my heart a lifetime; to merely get a glimpse. How deep does it go, that’s What my heart is learning. I can’t even pretend to understand, so How could I even begin to repay? The Why, it’s beyond my comprehension!

• When I am thirsty, You alone; What becomes the water!

• When I am hungry, Your love is What I forever feast on!

• When I am weary, Your heart is What I rest on!

• When the water starts to flow from my heart, the What has truly struck a chord; it overwhelms me. What Have I Done?

Oh God, my heart wants to know; What have I done? Nothing, I have done nothing; there’s nothing I can ever do. Every day, of Your love; You choose to freely give. I truly don’t deserve, a love like this!


37 thoughts on “What?

      1. Me too Brother, me too. I know God is merciful or He would have headed me like a shrimp long ago 🙂 And patient, my goodness, God is the infinite when it comes to patience, I am living proof of that too. I see, in my minds eye, that He must be looking at me, shaking His head most days.

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  1. God’s love is unconditional, eternal, and the most amazing experience any one of us low being can ever experience. Thank You, God for loving me. 💙

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