Let’s Play Ball.

My heart is such a fan, such a fan of your love. Oh, how I dream, dream that your love; would take me out to the ball… game? I promise, that it won’t be the same old song and dance. This is a forever dance, your love, my heart; locked within an everlasting embrace. Your love is a MAJOR part of my life, a love in a LEAGUE of its own. So, why did your love SCOUT my heart? Why was my heart chosen, predestined; to know Your great love? My heart is grateful for such a love, no games will be played within; your love will be my hearts pursuit!

My heart has been elevated by your love, the SKIPPER. My heart skips a beat; being forever coached, by the rhythm of your love. Every day I do a reality check, some days it’s a serious gut check; am I truly giving You my best? I will never allow a subpar love, to PINCH HIT; in place of a truly genuine commitment. It’s not about a love of the game, but being forever in love; with Your heart. For me, a BUNT will never do; my love will forever swing for the fences. Having your heart as my one true love; undeniably a Home Run!

The WORLD is going through a SERIES of events, but nothing truly as important; as preparing for Your return. Just knowing Your love, that’s only gets a heart to First Base. Your love absolutely Stole my heart. So therefore, my heart will never STOP SHORT. Being forever in Your presence, eliminates the DOUBLE PLAY. A heart cannot serve two masters, love one, hate the other; no double talk. Being faithful until the very end, the heavens will open; my heart will be at HOME, with a PLATE set for me at the table!

Friends, you can’t afford to just sit on the bench, watching life pass by from a distance. A Dugout, is a covering; a shelter within the storms. Don’t just hide under the canopy, your love needs to be front and center. Willing and ready, for the ultimate call; to serve. I refuse to let life lull me to sleep, with softball pitches; this love is the Major Leagues. So bring the heat, show my heart the fire. Constantly FAST, I Pray my heart will never drop the BALL; trying to act FLY. A pitcher will never be needed, no amount of water; will ever quench the thirsting within my soul. In the past, I’ve been a knuckle head; thinking that Your love was a KNUCKLE BALL. Your love is the heat, felt deep within my bones!

Lukewarmness, turns a foolish heart; into a back… SLIDER. There’s no three strikes, Your love will never keep score. Practicing faithfulness, it’s very commendable; being consistent, truly admirable. But choosing to be absolutely intentional, with true acts of kindness; is truly the MAJOR LEAGUES. I’ve been known to be out in left field a time or two. Woulda, coulda, shoulda… done better. There can never be a no hitter, every single day; Your love is forever my HOME RUN. Your love went so deep, over the left field… side of my chest. This is not a game, when it comes to me and my heart. Your love hits it out of the park, every single time!


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