Undistracted Devotion!

Life, that’s what I’ve allowed to come between us. Undistracted devotion, that’s what I forever promised! Can You ever forgive me, I broke my promise. Gracefully broken, the place I’ve once again found my heart. In You I always find forgiveness, love; so it’s for me to add true devotion. Sometimes the hardest person I struggle to forgive, is the one I see in the mirror. Not allowing where the mind goes, to stop my heart from truly becoming; what God has predestined for my soul, Undistracted Devotion!

During the busyness of the day, my heart knows how to keep focused. But It’s my mind, sometimes it gets distracted; while trying to satisfy the busyness. I try to give You my best, but my best is truly not good enough; it’s supposed to be everything. Your love at that point is no longer center stage, the day becomes the distraction. But Your love is still so devoted, the well being of my heart; Your relentless devotion. I speak with the tongue of man, but with a heart sometimes misunderstood. My heart speaks, but You alone; the lover that can interpret the love within my soul!

But how can anyone truly hear my heart, when the love within is that of a heart; desperate to become undistracted, and forever devoted. But I don’t want to be so heavenly minded, that my heart becomes no earthly good. The softer I learn to speak, God the louder Your love truly becomes. Everyday Your love speaks softly and tenderly to my heart, but please make each syllable loud and clear; don’t let my heart miss a single word. With a heart that’s never undistracted, and a love absolutely devoted!

Will my heart ever get to a place, where my soul would be able to interpret; every single one of Your heartbeat? You wouldn’t ever again need to utter a single word. My heart would never again exhale, my love would breathlessly become devoted; unrestricted, would be the endless flow of love from my heart. Endlessly we talk, forever the chosen path. No limits, no distractions, absolutely no restrictions with my love. My heart and soul, lost forever within Your gaze; found at peace within the depth of Your love. But first my heart has to be; Undistracted, and Truly Devoted!


36 thoughts on “Undistracted Devotion!

  1. Warren, the longing to have no limits, no distractions and restrictions to your love for God.
    This is my prayer, also. So often I let other things come in. Thank you for the reminder! Blessings!

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  2. Will my heart ever get to a place, where my soul would be able to interpret; every single one of Your heartbeat? ,. These are the most beautiful lines I have read today……..it’s beautiful Warren

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  3. “but my best is truly not good enough; it’s supposed to be everything.” This has been on my mind A LOT lately Warren. I know, we fall short. I don’t think God put that in His Word as a criticism but as an it will happen, and He knew it would happen, to not get down on ourselves about it. But like you said, it should be everything! He does everything for us, provides it all. Ok I am rambling now, my point is, I need to give more to Him. :):) He deserves it all 🙂

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